Termination of Relationship Based Contract

December 13th, 2009

Dear XXX
It has come to my attention that our current contractual agreement may be requiring a brief examination with regards to some of the terms and conditions as agreed on the 04/08/09.
I wish to express first and foremost that I wish to maintain the excellent working rapport which we have built up over this period and I wish to convey my continual gratitude to you with regards to your dedication of time and resources which were spent in excess during the project life cycle. If we look back to some of the goals and objectives agreed prior to the engagement we can see that that have been met in full, namely;
I.To set aside at least three allotted sets every week in a rolling contract agreement for a prior agreed number of hours in which to share life experiences, couple based social engagements and group based social engagements.
II.To become acquainted with mutual social circles and make efforts to include all agreed parties in aforementioned group based social engagements moving forward.
III.To provide a mutually exclusive interaction based on the reciprocal contact of sexual organs at least three times a week, based n the aforementioned agreed times in section (I).
IV.To portion out a reasonable percentage of one’s income to spend on the alterative party.
V.To attend at least one Weekend Holiday Shared Experience (WHSE) in order to attempt a scenario of potential domestic bliss
One aspect of the terms and conditions states that no alternative vendors or third parties should be contracted to undertake any of the listed objectives for the duration of the project and thus far, we have complied with this point. You will be aware, however, of how volatile the market has become and how it is necessary to allow a degree of flexibility in order to capitalise on new opportunities which may arise without due notification. Such an opportunity has arisen and as we are currently in a situation in which we have sufficient resources to spend on this new opening. As we have reached a natural endpoint in the project and all deliverables have been presented as required, I do not think that it adds value to either party to apply for an extension to the project at this time.
Further to this, I have included an appraisal which details personal actions points and basic reference in order to highlight some of your many strengths to alterative third parties in which you may become involved. Do not hesitate to get in touch if this needs updated or if a more personal or indeed specific document is required.


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