Inspiration and Other Journals

Inspiration from this site is a combination of my job, other peoples jobs and a few books. Some of these are books which support ethical business, others are the books I learned mapping and modelling from. The authors of the orignal work from the poetry rewrites are linked to on the page; the rest are linked here.

Ethical Business
A gentle nod to Matthew Stewart

A gentle nod also to Alan Webber

Mapping and Modelling:
MBA Management Models

Key Management Models

Comedy Books
This Little Piggy went to Prada

I also think it’s important to point you in the direction of a few other journals similar to my own, lest you be a lonely consultant at your wits end thinking that there is no sanity out there. Have a look at:

PhD Consultant
A Day in the Life of a Managemet Consultant
Consultant Insider
Crazy Consultant
The Secret Consultant

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