Consulting – The Reality

Who are you?
I used to be a consultant.  For better or worse, I escaped.

What did you do?
I was a junior memeber of a large professional services firm, doing mostly IT related stuff.

Do you hate consultants?
No, not at all. Most are hard working, smart, dedicated professionals who know their subject inside out and genuinely want to please their client.
Is it all true?
How much do I want sued?  Seriously though, although it’s based on fact there’s a healthy dose of artistic licence involved.  I’ve avoided real names, real people and real places although some of the situations did arise.  

Is consulting that bad?
Every job has good and bad points and  understand that I’ve maybe not pushed the positives enough but I never was a particularly cheerful person anyway.

Can I contact you?
No, but please leave comments : )

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