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Annual Age Related Celebration Event

December 13th, 2009

Dear associates,
There is an opportunity to become involved in an Annual Age Related Celebration Event (AARCE) commencing on the 21/01/2010 and running through until 22/01/2010. Please be aware that this event will require you to attend outside regular working hours and to compensate for this all food and beverages will be provided.

I am enlisting the services of a wide range of individuals to enable the AARCE to be completed within the given timeframe and enable the delivery of a wide range of entertaining circumstances.

As an individual with twenty five-years attending such events I am the most qualified person to be involved in an AARCE on the date. To enlighten you as to my previous experience, on my twenty first AARCE I imbibed two litres of rum, a bottle of wine and procured three rounds of shots before taking my clothes off and wrapping my body in industrial grade cling film. Prior to this, on my eighteenth AARCE, I helped ensure adequate supply of alcohol for all underage attendees by acquiring beverages from several different supply centres and co-ordinated their arrival. I also enlisted the services of a third party (in this case, a fireman stripper from to add further value to the event. I am confident that I can bring these skills to the upcoming engagement and, furthermore, transfer this knowledge to all attendees.

If you would like to be involved, send through a copy of your CV detailing your prior work in this area.
Kind Regards,